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uran Holding

Uran Holding has gained a wide experience in the field of construction by showing a healthy growth in Turkey over the years. With the growing business volume in 1981, the company's field of activity expanded. In this context, engineering, ready-mixed concrete, tourism, agriculture and insurance activities were structured as group companies. Thanks to the young and dynamic management of the group companies, the development of the company and the correct determination of investment policies, successful companies have emerged. 

Despite the global and local depressions in the economy, our group has managed to maintain all its operations without interruption due to its talented management team. During this period, which we successfully survived as a company, the management team took all the necessary steps in the corporate organization and investment portfolio in a healthy way. 

Uran Holding believes that it is necessary to be fully responsible for improving the motivation of its managers and employees. Uran Holding believes that its employees are the biggest investments by adopting the idea that "if the employees cannot see themselves as a necessary element in the realization of a job, it is impossible for the employees to continue in that job no matter how high the salary offered to them".

Uran Holding is committed to providing a friendly and comfortable environment to its employees, who are the heroes behind all its activities. Socializing and communicating among employees is very valuable for Uran Holding.

Uran Holding believes that with the appreciation of the human factor, a business will be appreciated by its employees. In this context, the basic principles of the company are:

• Hierarchical relations should be organized in the most efficient way.
• Managers should have the ability to empathize with employees.
• Managers should know how to contact employees in case of a problem.
• Problems are overcome more easily and solutions are faster when goals are clear.
• All decisions must be determined.
• During the whole process, the business should be followed up seriously and continuously.
• Employees must be respected.
• Employees should be given authority.
• Employees should be given the opportunity to expand their future plans.
• Social activities and out-of-office friendships should be encouraged.
• Allow shoul be given for reward and, where necessary, the use of initiative.

These principles constitute the real and applicable corporate understanding and approach of Uran Holding.