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(01.05.1949 – 24.08.1995)

The generation of 1968, which has its signature in Turkey's past and present, was a very important generation for our country. Many names in the 1968 generation pioneered important political movements in their youth. When the same generation matured, this time it took part in important positions in political parties that found a wide audience in the society and in big companies of our country. M. İsmet Uran was also one of the bright minds of this generation.

Mr. M. İsmet Uran was born in Istanbul in 1949. After graduating from Kabatas High School for Boys, he graduated from Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Mechanical Engineering Faculty with the first place. M. İsmet Uran had been the student representative of Istanbul Technical University when he was still a young boy. In those years, this title was extremely valuable due to the political events of that period. After his school years, Uran worked as a senior mechanical engineer at MAN, one of the biggest brands in the world. He completed his military service as a reserve officer in the Turkish Air Force.senior mechanical engineer at MAN, one of the biggest brands in the world. He completed his military service as a reserve officer in the Turkish Air Force.

M. İsmet Uran achieved his desire to create added value for his country by establishing Uran Engineering in 1974. He started working as an independent contractor within the company. Uran Engineering is the founding company of Uran Holding Group of Companies today.

M. İsmet Uran, who drew the profile of a successful Turkish entrepreneur in the following years, undertook important projects. Uran Engineering has become one of the most important brands in the sector by completing the factory, industrial facilities and other projects it has undertaken with great care. The formula underlying the gradual increase in the business volume of the Uran Engineering company was the completion of the projects it undertook, within the time frame of the contracts, and perfectly production.

M. İsmet Uran continued his duty as the Chairman of the Board of Directors in Uran Holding Co., Inc. and other companies within its structure until 24 August 1995. Uran Holding's sister companies continue to maintain the company's principle of success and diligence by successfully completing hundreds of projects known as "Map changing projects".

M. İsmet Uran advised young entrepreneurs that in order to be successful, they should always be patient and learn all kinds of information about their field in detail. He always prioritized entrepreneurs being a modern manager and creating a friendly environment where employees could feel safe. In this way, employees would be happier without having any doubts about their future. He also underlined that these advices are very important for young entrepreneurs to overcome the difficulties they will face in the future.