Uran Holding


(01.05.1949 24.08.1995)

The generation of 1968 hit their mark on the recent history of Turkey. Yesterday's student movement leaders are today standing on the front for the success of their political parties or companies.

M. smet URAN was ITU Students' Representative, which means he was an important name in ITU.

Mr. M. smet URAN who departed now and we still follow the path of his principles, was born in 1949 in stanbul. He completed his education in Istanbul. After graduating from Kabata High School, he graduated from Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Mechanical Engineering Faculty in the first rank.

He worked in M.A.N. Plant as Senior Mechanical Engineer for a period of time.

He fulfilled his military obligation in the Air Force as a Reserve Officer.

He started to work as an independent contractor by establishing Uran Engineering in 1974, which is the core of today's Uran Holding.

In other words, foundation of Uran Holding was laid on February 6th, 1978.

In this context, he undertook some important projects as Uran Engineering. His project undertakings showed a rapid improvement in time in comparison to other works. Uran Engineering started to carry out project works with great care for factories, industrial plants and other structures.

Two or three construction works completed thereafter led rise of a great job potential in front of Uran Engineering between 1974 - 1976.

The main factor that led to an increasing work volume was the public impression of completing the projects in a timely manner in compliance with the contracts by carrying out the works in a healthy and careful way.

In their way to achieve success, M. smet URAN recommended young entrepreneurs to be patient, learn every aspects of their field in detail and show all the efforts to overcome the difficulties that may be encountered.

He always wanted young entrepreneurs to be modern managers that believe in their coworkers, are capable to maintain the feeling of confidence by acting sincerely and keep their hopes to the future fresh; shortly having and capable to apply all the qualifications required for modern management.

Sister companies of Uran Holding have successfully completed more than one hundred projects, which are also called "Map Changing Projects".

Mr. M. smet URAN, until his departure on August 24th, 1995, was acting as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Uran Holding and Subsidiaries. Companies established within the Uran Holding Structure and their history: Uran Holding Inc., founded on 19/07/1983. Started its operations to improve the businesses and success and maintain continuity of and for its affiliates and subsidiaries in their fields of activity by helping establishment of such companies suitable for giant enterprises, and establishment and operation of a stable capital market by encouraging and procuring merger of small savings and capitals.

Uransan Inc., founded on 21/08/1981 with the primary purpose to carry out all kinds of construction installation and erection contracts, trade raw materials and semi-products, make investments in manufacturing, prove technical services, establish representative offices and agencies of foreign companies, obtain licenses, operate or lease means of road and sea transportation in the fields of textile, ready-made clothing, food industry and mining to utilize industrial power in the country.

Urantar Inc. founded in 1982, serving in the sector of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry.

Uran Engineering Inc., founded in 1974 with the primary purpose to carry out construction of roads, structures, bridges and other social facilities, and production, importation, exportation and sales of the required materials, machinery parks, auxiliary spare parts in the country or abroad, and establish agencies in the country or abroad in the fields of engineering, architecture, project undertaking, application and technical supervision.

Uran Ready Concrete Inc., founded on 04/02/1988 with the primary purpose to purchase, import, and export, manufacture and market ready-mixed concrete products locally and internationally, market all kinds of systems and technologies related to management and organization technologies to real or legal persons, entities or companies, provide consultancy services on these subject areas, ensure monitoring and supervision of the existing applications.

Uran Insurance Inc., founded on 01/12/1989 with the primary purpose to execute contracts as an (A) type agency with the powers and licenses granted to act as an insurance company to provide scope of fire, transportation, accident, installation, machinery and personal life insurance coverage.

Uran Tourism Investments, Inc., founded on 09/10/1987 with the primary purpose to carry out local and international tourism operations, make local and international travel organizations, make investments, purchase, sales, import and export tourism items and gifts, and participate in exhibitions and fairs.

Uran Foundation founded on April 5th, 1993 with the considerable material and moral support of M. smet URAN, the first president and URAN family in order to support all kind social projects.

Uran Hotel Investments and Businesses, Inc. , founded on 20/11/1999 with the primary purpose to construct, purchase, lease from and to third parties hotels, motels, camping areas, Turkish baths, thermal hotels and baths, sports fields and facilities, physiotherapy centers, ice-skating fields, and receive and give real rights on tourism facilities, and act as a tourism operator.

Uransan EURL founded on 22/4/2004 with the primary purpose to construct, to contracting, to lease equipment, to product ready-mixed concrete and to trade. A Concrete Plant is established by "URAN Ready Mixed Concrete" and sales are started since 2006.

Uran Management Services founded on 23/5/2003 with the primary purpose to manage all kind of maintenance and repairing services of apartments and housing estate.

ARAY Foreign Trade and Markenting Co., was founded on May 2009 to realize the activities of spot product sale and marketing of construction materials and heavy construction equipment. It has succeeded to take many agencies and distributorships at abroad in the short time it is in active.

URANKENT Trade Center and Construction Inc., founded in 2009 for shopping center investments, URANKENT Konut Housing Inc. founded in 2010 for investment in housing.