Uran Holding


Uran Holding showed a healthy growth in Turkey over the years and gained a wide range of experience in the field of construction. As the work volume improved in 1981, the activities of the company spread out to include other fields. Engineering, ready-mixed concrete procurement, tourism, agriculture and insurance operations have been carried out by sister companies. In addition to these activities, the young and dynamic management of URANSAN has become the main drive behind the development of the company and investment policies.

Despite the depression in global and local economy, URANSAN managed to continue its operations by the talented management team. In this period, the management team has taken all the necessary steps in the corporate organization and investment portfolio. URANSAN anticipated these days of depression in advance and took all the necessary measures locally and globally.

Uran Holding believes that managers should be fully responsible for improving the motivation of employees.

It deems employees the most important investment with the thought that if employees do not consider themselves as essential part of achieving a task, offering only higher wages would not be sufficient to keep them in the workplace.

Its operations are based on the fact that the individual performances of employees should be affected and improved in order to evaluate them in the best way.

Uran Holding allows socialization and communication among its employees.

With the appreciation of human factor, Uran Holding believes that a business may be considered as a business only with its employees. In this context, the main principles of the company are as follows:

Hierarchical relationships should be organized in the most efficient manner
Managers should be capable to put themselves in employees' place
Managers should know how to listen to others in case of a problem
Issues would become more easy and solutions would be provided fasterwhen objectives are set
All decisions should be certain
Follow up of businesses should be carried out seriously and constantly all through the process.
Employees should be respected
Employees should be granted powers
Employees should be given opportunities to widen their future plans
Respect, Social Events, encouragement of intraoffice friendships,rewarding and allow to use initiatives

These are the actual and applicable corporate understanding and approach of Uran Holding.