Urankent Ticaret




The Trade Complex which is the most significant part of Urankent Mass Housing Project shall be realized on a land with a total area of 36.695 m. For this trade complex, Uran Holding prepared a project consists of a shopping center, multi-storey shops and units with general and social purposes.

The Trade and Work Center has a 425 long side at Badat Street. In the pre-architectural project there is a 21 storey office block, four storey shopping center and social units such as theater and exhibition hall, mini cinema and club.

There is an open car park at the terrace floors of shopping center blocks and closed car park in the basement floor. Furthermore, in the front and back sided of the building there are open car parks at the ordinary ground code. The program of the prepared project was revised later on in compliance with the current market conditions. When it is deemed required, the land can be extended to 80,000 m' by adding the land plots numbered 41744/1 and 41745/1. After the revision there is a hypermarket with an area of 10,587 m, a construction market with an area of 7,228 m and shops with a total area of 7,000 m. There is an open car park with an area of 15,825 m for 542 vehicles and 15 long vehicles, and a closed car park for 560 vehicles in the basement floor.

Urankent is located in northwest of Ankara within Yenimahalle District and it is on the conjunction of Badat Road connecting Batkent to Keiren District and Anadolu Boulevard which is the main artery connecting the high way and peripheral way to ankaya District and to Eskiehir and Konya State Roads.

Urankent was established on a land of 465.770 m2 and the settlement area for the dwellings and social and cultural facilities in this land is 259.061 m2. The remaining 206.209 m2 land was allocated for roads, recreation and green areas.

Within this area, where Urankent is located, there shall be 2800 flats, two social and cultural facilities, 2 kindergartens, 2 recreation, 3 school areas (one primary school, one high school and a private high school) and a mosque and a hospital. Furthermore, there is a swimming pool, tea gardens, parks, tennis courts, a volleyball field, social areas containing playgrounds and green areas.

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