In these days, while we can feel the affects of the global crisis, as being Uran Holding with the positive affects of our decisions taken and our strategies applied we continue our way surely with continuous growth. Believing that the crisis periods create the best investment opportunities for a safe and continuous growth Uran Holding growth strategy was focused on 4 main sectors. These 4 sectors are construction, tourism, foreign trade- marketing and energy and I will talk about the works performed last year and those to be performed next year.

Our construction group shall continue its works under the leadership of Uransan Inc. with the undertakings within Turkey and abroad, investment projects within the group build & sell projects in Ankara - Istanbul.

Under the frame of the undertaking projects within Turkey the tenders opened by General Directorate of Highways and qualified building tenders such as hospitals, prisons, justice halls and universities are followed.

Besides Algeria, highway and superstructure tenders are followed in Oman. Libya is within the area of our interest after the change in government and it shall be one of the two regional managements to be established with Russia and CIS countries. In all these 4 regions undertaking projects alone or with other partners shall be followed.

By the way, the investments of other group companies on hotel, shopping center and energy areas shall be continued to be realized by Uransan.

The new stages of Ankara Urankent project and build and sell projects to be realized in Istanbul shall continue in the next years.

Uran Tourism Inc., which is one of our group companies, realized Ramada Istanbul Asia Hotel investment last year and undertaken the hotel operation. Furthermore, an investment for 100 additional rooms for Grand Prestige Side Hotel operated by the same company is also planned. It is also planned to realize a 4 or 5 star hotel investment in thermal tourism sector, which is an alternative tourism channel.

Uran Hotel Inc. shall continue his hotel investment in Istanbul Tarabya. At the same time we are searching for land and buildings for hotel investment at different parts of Istanbul. Planning and project works of a hotel investment within Ankara Urankent Project shall start.

Our companies within the production group work only at Uransan Inc. worksites due to our strategy. On the other hand, it is planned to reestablish facilities in Algeria and Libya.

Aray, our Marketing and Foreign Trade group company, shall continue to make distributorship agreement with different companies in Italy, Germany, Canada, Vietnam, China and other parts of the world for work machines and construction materials and improve its product scale. Some products such as WPC and Mfloor were given a strategic priority and dealership works were started. By the way, since some part of the alternative work development activities of our group are carried out via Aray, some activities related to food & beverage and medical sectors shall be realized.

Project works of mixed investment containing AVM, hotel, hospital and filling station to be realized by Uran Management Services which is a service group company, Urankent Trade Center and Construction Inc. and Uransan under Ankara Urankent Project shall start within this year and the construction works are planned to commence next year. When the investment is completed, the project shall be operated by different expert companies combined under Uran Management Company. Furthermore, Uran Management shall continue to render management services for our mass housing project whose sales have been completed.

Uran FOUNDATION, dealing with activities related to social responsibilities continues his scholarship activities by increasing the number of the students each year and due to the earthquake, some of he helps moved to this region. Support to the amateur sports club also continues. Our Art Gallery could not open its doors to art fans last year due to Ramada Istanbul Asia Project, but this year it shall start to operate within the hotel again. Furthermore, some art tables in the archives of Uran FOUNDATION and Uran family are exhibited in some rooms and common areas within the hotel a book about all the paintings and their artists shall be prepared.

Works on the energy sector have been performed by Uransan Inc. for a couple of years and the company focused on solar energy projects. Within this content, while land investments are made within Turkey, a power station investment is planned in Bulgaria. It is planned to establish a new company for this purpose and commence the power station project within this year.

I would like to thank the employees of Uran Holding who has been working for a period of more than 30 years with great self-sacrifice and who are the real owners of all the work, due to their trust and support and wish all success and happiness in 2014.

Nermin Uran
President of Board of Directors

January, 2014